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Welcome to Chester Lewis Academy High School!
Apply to be a student at CLAHS
If you are interested in applying for enrollment at Chester Lewis Academy High School, click the link below, fill out all required information, and contact the school after completing the application:
Student Application
Safe and Civil Survey (Parents)
If you are a parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in the Academy High School at Chester Lewis Academic Learning Center, please use the credentials listed below and click the following link.

Enter the Password: parent
Be sure you complete every page of the survey until you reach the final page that says “Survey Complete.” Then click Close.
Ingrese la clave (ID) de usuario: ORHFVS
Ingrese la contraseña: parent
Asegúrese de completar cada página hasta llegar a la última donde dice: “Encuesta completada” o “Survey Complete”. Por último pulse en “Close” o “Cerrar”, “Salir”, o “Terminar” según el término que se usó en español.

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